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Threading a Live Crawler

Threading a Live Crawler Live Crawler Bait Rig Enter the small bait threader into the front of the crawlerPush it thru the center of their body Exit the small bait threader wherever you want to place your hook (I usually go 3/4 of the way thru his body)Hook the...

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Quick Guide to Snaps and Swivels

Quick Guide to Snaps and Swivels

Your terminal tackle is essential to your fishing setup, but smaller pieces of the tackle can get left behind as an oversight. Snaps and swivels are some of these small odds-and-ends that tend to get overlooked - that is, until your line tangles or you’re robbed of a...

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How To- Make a Minnow Trap

How To- Make a Minnow Trap

Save money and catch your own bait! With a Sharp Knife, carefully cut off the top of the pop bottle (as shown above). You can use pretty much any kind of plastic water bottle to make this type of trap.Shove the head or cone of the bottle into the body of the bottle....

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