Yum 2″ Money Fry-Ark Shiner, 10 Pack


Yum 2″ Money Fry-Ark Shiner, 10 Pack

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The Yum Money Fry-Ark Shiner is becoming the go-to bait of serious bass fisherman across the country. The Money Fry-Ark Shiner is an extremely versatile bait. You can fish the Yum Money Fry-Ark Shiner through heavy cover, over grass, in open water and the Money Fry-Ark Shiner is an awesome choice for fish suspended under free floating as well as pillared docks.

Tapering from a broad head section down to a thin tail section the Money Fry-Ark Shiner has a natural swimming action that will be sure to attract bites from hesitant bass. This swimbait features a belly slit covered in a thin layer of plastic that adds buoyancy making the money minnow ideal for slow retrieves. Most anglers prefer to rig this bait on a weighted super line extra wide gap 4/0 to 6/0 hook and swim it back to the boat. Don’t be afraid to experiment with this bait. Flip it or pitch it to heavy cover or rig the Money Fry-Ark Shiner behind an under-spin or carolina rig.

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