Hurricane 4″ Jerk Shad Bait


Hurricane 4″ Jerk Shad Bait

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This is one jerk everybody is going to love. Hurricane’s Jerk Shad works equally well rigged behind a jig head, or rigged weedless with a Hook Line & Threader double prong hook. The hook pocket makes it easy to rig and allows easier penetration of the hook through the plastic which results in more landed fish. Retrieve this bait with a series of twitches and pauses. The Jerk Shad slices through vegetation and cover, darting erratically from side to side, falling ever so slowly on the pause.

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  • 10 Pack
  • 4″ Length

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Chartreuse/Gold Flake, Nuclear Chicken, Penny/Black Flake, Rootbeer/Flake


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