Charlie Brewer’s 3” Slider Grub Bait


Charlie Brewer’s 3” Slider Grub Bait

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Excellent for river smallmouths and trolling for stripers or walleye, Charlie Brewer’s Bass Slider Grubs feature high-action vibra-tails which produce an irresistible, lifelike wobble. These durable Bass Slider Grubs will hold up even after several crushing strikes, and are effective when used with slider heads, Texas rigged or split shot rigs.

  • Perfect downsized finesse grub
  • Lively paddle tail
  • Irresistible, lifelike wobble
  • Great with Slider Heads, Texas- or Carolina-rigged
  • Drift behind split shots

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  • 13 Pack
  • 3″ Length
  • Pearl/Chartreuse Tail


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