Attraxx 5″ Speed Worm Soft Plastic Bait- 12 Pack


Attraxx 5″ Speed Worm Soft Plastic Bait- 12 Pack

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Developed from decades of research, SCI-X Feeding Stimulants make fish feed more aggressively and hold onto baits longer. When a fish bites into an ATTRAXX soft-plastic bait, the SCI-X Feeding Stimulant system releases natural, biodegradable chemicals that stimulate the fish’s own smell and taste systems.
Not only does the ATTRAXX system with SCI-X release natural compounds that mimic live bait, each lure releases these stimulants in much greater concentrations than would occur naturally. The more stimulation — the more aggressively fish bite! The longer fish hold onto the lure, the more likely anglers will catch them!
In addition, when an ATTRAXX bait infused with SCI-X hits the water, it immediately begins releasing massive amounts of the most advanced stimulant compound ever placed into a fishing lure. It continues releasing these natural stimulants for extended periods as the angler works the bait.
– 12 Pack
– Smoke Pepper Color
– Scented
– 5″ Speed Worn Soft Plastic Bait

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