Impulse 4″ Smelt Minnow Soft Plastic- 8 Pack


Impulse 4″ Smelt Minnow Soft Plastic- 8 Pack

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• Sleek aerodynamic minnow profile
• Flat sides & an undulating flippin’ WhaleTail to provide erratic darting action of a distressed baitfish
– Super charged with impulse instinctual attractant that feature a baked in micro-plankton formula proven by independent  laboratories to be 143% more effective than other leading brands.

Catches walleyes, bass, slab crappies, pike, trout and other predators. Use with a weighted, round-head jig with bait-keeper like an Eye-Ball, Gum-Ball® or RZ Jig. Rig flat-back down for swimming at a steady pace, or rig right-side up for more aggressive moves when using rodtip twitches to impart an erratic darting action.

  • 8 Pack
  • Smelt Color
  • 4″ Smelt Minnow Soft Plastic

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