Trik Fish Fluorocarbon Wrist Spool- 50lb, 25Yd


Trik Fish Fluorocarbon Wrist Spool- 50lb, 25Yd

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  • Self-dispensing wrist spool is user-friendly and convenient while on the water
  • Reflective fluorocarbon material nearly invisible in water
  • Abrasion resistant and strong in the roughest conditions
  • 2x the density as monofilament for added toughness

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With its self-dispensing wrist spool and reflective characteristics, Trik Fish’s Fluorocarbon Leader is user-friendly and nearly invisible in water.

Featuring twice the density of standard monofilament line, Fluorocarbon Leader is tough providing great knot and tensile strength. Fluorocarbon reflects light like water so the line becomes invisible to fish offering a stealthy presentation. With 20 percent less stretch and greater abrasion resistance, anglers can’t go wrong with Trik Fish Fluorocarbon Leaders.


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