EZ Wind Line Spooler


EZ Wind Line Spooler

$40.00 $36.49

Tired of holding a pencil to get the line on your reel? EZ Wind solves all your problems! The EZ Wind is the newest innovation and the last word in fishing line winders.  EZ Wind is so simple, with no moving parts, no suction cups and promises no more blistered thumbs. The resistance comes from almost 270° through the patented spindle configuration. No more backlashes or rat nests as you “control the roll”.

Each EZ Wind unit is works on all reels including:

  1. Open reels
  2. Closed reels
  3. Bait casters



  • Each EZ Wind unit is made of 1.5 pounds of powder coated American steel.
  • Each EZ Wind unit is laser cut
  • Each EZ Wind unit is machine rolled
  • Each EZ Wind unit is factory welded
  • Each EZ Wind unit is built to last a lifetime
  • The new fishing line is extracted exactly in reverse of how it is put on the spool.
  • Each EZ Wind unit is small tackle box friendly.
  • Each EZ Wind unit’s design includes rubber feet that are removable for any other mounting ideas.


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