Bait Threader Bundle


Bait Threader Bundle

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Bait Threader Bundle Includes:

1- Large Bait Threader (for 3″-20″ bait)

1- Small Bait Threader (for 1″-10″ bait)


  1. Holding your bait fish upside down, enter the mouth of your bait fish with the bait threader
  2. Easily slide the bait threader along their straight line intestinal track until it emerges out the rear (just going in one end and out the other)
  3. Hook the loop of your leader on the notch of the bait threader
  4. Pull your leader back though until the loop of your leader emerges out of the mouth
  5. Attached the loop of your leader to a snap swivel and cast with no worries about losing your bait on the cast, or when trolling or on short strikes. The bait fish will stay alive and swimming naturally, attracting that big catch! Once you get your catch the bait fish will swim up the line, allowing you to remove your catch, slide your bait fish back down and use again and again.**Save money on bait today with Hook Line & Threader!!
    **Also works on all soft plastic bait, worms, leeches, shrimp, squid, eel, etc.
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Use the Large Bait Threader to rig 3″-20″ Live, Frozen, or Plastic Bait Fish, Squid, Eel, etc. 

Use the Small Bait Threader to rig 1″-10″ Live, or Plastic Bait Fish, Crawlers, Leeches, Shrimp, etc. 


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