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Large Bait Threader








Limited time only, while supplies last! Rig 3″-20″ bait fish and keep them ALIVE on your line! Rig plastic and frozen bait with ease and never worry about losing bait when casting, trolling, or on short strikes!

Why You Need A Bait Threader

Whether you fish once a year or everyday, the bait threader pays for itself on your first fishing trip with live bait. Not to mention, all bait threaders are made right here in the USA!


Tired of losing your bait on a cast or rigging a new bait after every catch? With the Bait Threader, your bait stays alive and healthy all day!

Eliminate The Mess

Using the Large Bait Threader, you never have to puncture your bait fish by using the straight GI tract. No blood or guts means NO MESS!

Works With Artificial Baits

With the Large Bait Threader, you can rig live and artificial baits. No need to buy expensive plastics when you have the Large Bait Threader.

How it Works

That next monster fish could be yours with the Large Bait Threader from Hook, Line & Threader. Keep your bait alive longer for the catch of a lifetime!

On Live Bait Fish 

Holding your bait fish upside down, insert the bait threader into its mouth and follow their straight line intestinatal tract until the threader emerges out its BUTT! Yes, in one end and out the other! No blood, no guts, and NO INJURY TO YOUR BAIT!!! Then hook the  loop of your leader on the slot at the end of the threader and pull your line back thru its body. Attach the leader loop to a snap swivel on your line and you have a LIVE LURE!!! 

On Plastic Bait

It’s up to you boss!! You can get as creative as you want when rigging plastics with the threader! Enter the front of the plastic with the threader and push it thru the center, exit where ever you want your hook! You can go half way thru, 3/4 way thru (this is what I do), you can place the hook on the bottom or top, you can place more than one hook if you want!! Rig your plastic so its weedless! Rig your plastic without tearing it up. Rig your plastic and YOU decide the perfect hook location!!

Customers Reviews

We provide all of our customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of your bait threader, let us know and we will refund your purchase, no questions asked!

I recommend this product and loved their services. I had an issue with my threader and contacted them and they replaced it and even paid for shipping. Their customer service is awesome.

Dwight Chochran

My wife and I went camping and fishing on Falls Lake in North Carolina for Thanksgiving and had a great time using the Hook Line and Threader system. As a veterinarian, the Threader is anatomically correct in its application and didn’t seem to harm the Canadian nightcrawlers at all as we fed the fishes. I wish I’d have had one of these systems when we used to go north of Thunder Bay Ontario on the fly-in lakes the first week of July for 15 years…the walleyes would never have forgiven us!. If you want to catch fish, try this rig…we varied the hook sizes to match the sizes of the local fish population and had great fun.

Dwight Chochran

I recently got the Hook, Line & Threader starter package and have been loving it. I used it this weekend on some crappie and got great results. My minnow stayed alive and on the hook throughout multiple fish. Using this, you save money by not having to buy as much bait.

Michael Henry


Rig Your Bait Better With the Large Bait Threader!

This deal expires soon. Get your Large Bait Threader today for 50% OFF!!!


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