Tie your line on your hook or swivel with ease, using HOOK-EZE!

Hook-Eze safely holds the hook & covers the barbs, while a spinning ring on your finger makes twisting the line a breeze. Hook-Eze is suitable for standard fishing hooks sized from 4/0 down to the smallest, selected flies, swivels, jig heads for soft plastics & speed clips for lure fishing.

It’s great for tying line to line, line to leader, including braided lines & it makes tying knots like the FG knot, Yucatan knot & even the difficult Bimini Twist so easy, it’s insane!

Anyone can tie a perfect knot – first time, EVERY TIME & you’ll never lose a fish from a faulty knot again. 100% Safe – Protect yourself against painful injuries from hooks.


  1. Put the ring on your finger
  2. Open Hook-Eze
  3. Snap hook into place and close Hook-Eze
  4. Put your line through the eye of the hook
  5. Rotate the handle 6 times
  6. Put line through the loop at the bottom and out the loop at the top
  7. Wet the line and pull tight safely
  8. Use line cutter on the back to trim the excess line, now you have a perfect knot!

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