Your Kids Can Create Their Own Fishing Lures!!

Imagine how much more appreciation your kids will have for their and your fishing lures if they can create their own?! Maybe they wont lose them anymore?! That would be AMAZING!!

Watch the video here how 6 year old Cambree creates her own custom soft plastic bait with Hook Line & Threader…


  1. Using any soft plastic bait you easily enter the front of the bait with the threader tool
  2.  Then follow the center of the bait until the threader slot emerges where ever you want to set your hook
  3. Then attach the loop of the leader on the threader slot and pull it back through!
    Hint: If you go all the way through to the tail it will limit the movement of the bait so you may not want to do that!

Cambree is using the standard size threader which works on 1″ bait up to 10″ bait. The large stainless steel threader will work on 3″ bait up to 20″ bait.

Note: Flip that hook upward if you prefer weedless

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