Finger Mullet Bait Rig

The Large Threader Tool can be used to rig live finger mullet bait fish. Hold the finger mullet upside down then insert the threader tip into the mouth of the finger mullet, then slide the threader thru their digestional tract while angling it to the rear, continue pushing the threader thru until it emerges out the rear. Then hook the loop of your leader on the slot at the end of your threader and pull it back thru until the loop of your leader emerges out of its mouth, then attach the loop of the leader to the snap swivel on your line and conceal the shank of the hook in the rear of the finger mullet. No blood, no guts and now you have a LIVE Finger Mullet Bait Rig!!!

The Large Threader Tool can be used to rig 3″ to 20″ bait whether it is alive, frozen, or soft plastic. It will work on finger mullet, ballyhoo, pilchard, squid, shrimp, croakers, pin fish, sardines, etc…

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  1. ben

    amazing !


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