• Holding the bait upside down, carefully insert the Threader into the mouth of the live bait. Slide the Threader through the body, making sure to follow the digestive tract of the bait. Continue feeding the Threader through the body until the hook of the Threader emerges through the anal opening (Figure 1).
  • Attach the loop of the pre-tied leader to the Threader hook (Figure 2).
  • Pull the Threader back through the body of the bait until the shank of the hook is set inside the body of the bait (Figure 3), and the leader is pulled through the mouth (Figure 4). NOTE: You can rotate the hook for weedless applications.
  • Attach the leader to a swivel to quickly change baits. FOR DEEP WATER: Attach a split shot weight 12″ to 16″ from the bait onto the fishing line.

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